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We work with over a thousand farmers—the beating heart of our value chain. We provide specialized farming consultancy throughout the crop cycle through our team of highly qualified and committed agricultural professionals, guaranteeing the quality, yield and traceability of raw materials.


Farming Portal



Contract farming

We encourage our supplier farmers to become members of our extensive working network, where each season they are invited to sign a purchase contract allowing them the option of a fixed price for part of their crop or, if they prefer, a standard commercial agreement with prices dictated by the spot market. 

Farming consultants

Our team of professionals provide guidance to our suppliers throughout the entire process, from seed selection to harvest completion.


Our Research and Development department conducts a variety of regional trials in our Experimental Field (Campo Experimental) in order to assess farming practices and new varieties of seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals in a range of climate and soil conditions. The results of these trials are passed on to the farmers during Field Days, in the form of manuals and agricultural bulletins, and via other channels. 

Technical manuals

We encourage you to download the manuals and bulletins created for you by our Research and Development department. Agrotop: always at the service of Chilean farming.


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