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Our animal feed products are high in nutritional value and provide exceptional nutrition for cattle, swine, sheep and goats, poultry, and fish.


Nuestros productos para alimentación animal se caracterizan por tener un alto valor nutricional y ser un gran aporte a la alimentación de bovinos, porcinos, caprinos, aves y peces.

Rapeseed is one of Chile’s main annual crops, bears the non-GMO label, and contains low levels of erucic acid (<2%) and glucosinolates (<30 µmol/g). At Agrotop, we subject rapeseed to a modern and nationally unique solvent extraction process to produce high-quality oil and meal.


Maize has an energy value superior to other cereals thanks to its high starch and fat content. Its low fiber content gives it a higher digestibility coefficient than other cereals such as barley and wheat, particularly in monogastric livestock. Maize is also a good source of vitamin A, along with hydroxy carotenoids and xanthophylls that contribute color to chicken meat and egg yolk.

White lupin
Lupinus Albus L

White lupin is used in feeds for fish and ruminants (especially cattle) as an important protein supplement.
Unlike other varieties of lupin, the white lupin has an alkaloid content of less than 0.05%, and in recent years has become much sought after for animal feed.



Oats are among the finest cereals in existence. Their perfect combination of proteins, fibers, starches, nutrients and essential fatty acids makes them a balanced and healthy foodstuff. 

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