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In order to support our network of farmers, our seed catalogue includes varieties such as oats, lupin and triticale.

Triticale Torete

Main characteristics

Growth habit: Alternative

Growth type: Semi-prostrate

Height: 1.10–1.20 m

Seed rate: 160–220 kg/ha

Yield potential: 65–100 qqm/ha

Ear: Semi-compact, decumbent, with short awns

Stem: Very firm


Adaptation area and sowing time

Adaptation area
and sowing time

La Araucanía Region and Los Lagos Region

Drylands: June to August

Los Ríos Region to Los Lagos Region

May to September

Grazing only: May to September



Resistant to Septoria

Moderately resistant to stem rust of wheat (Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici)

Tolerant to Foot Rot

Industrial characteristics

TKW: 48–50 g

Applications: Grazing, animal consumption, cookie products


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